vendredi 4 septembre 2009

jBPM 4.1 Released with a new BPM console and web based jPDL process designer


This JBossWorld, two prinicples announces: the launch of the GateIn Portal (merge of exo Portal & Jboss Protal) and the released of jBPM 4.1.

The download contain, the web based jPDL process designer, withc is the result of wollabration betwaenn Jboss, Signavio and Oryx.


Other things added, in the jBPM 4.1 release,

  • Tomcat support in the console (the BPM Conosle 1.1.2, has beean released at the end of August 2009)
  • Improved installer to handle tomcat and more configuration options ( we will try it, as soon as possible,
  • Extended coverage of Continuous Integration and reduced the execution time
  • Fix process variables of type hibernate-long-id/hibernate-string-id
  • Domain model integration
  • And a bunch of bug fixes

    Now is time to try this release, the jBPM 4.1


    for information on GateIn Portal (merge of exo Portal & Jboss Protal)


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