mardi 6 octobre 2009

SOA is apparently still alive

For those who say that SOA is dead, the second edition International SOA Symposium sounds like a resurrection!

This 2nd International SOA Symposium - Rotterdam, will be hold in October 22-23, 2009


In the other side, for the French SOA community the demonstration that SOA is alive will be made by the “SOA Forum :


Mardi 6 October 2009


For 2nd International SOA Symposium, the topics are very varied: the traditional topics of SOA (Gouvernance, ESB, REST / SOAP, BAM...) and nails, SaaS and PaaS (Google Apps, Azure, ..):

  • Defining Next Generation SO
  • The Reincarnation of SOA
  • SOA as an Architectural Pattern: Best Practices in Software Architecture
  • New Directions in Building Architectures in Support of Business Operations
  • Next Generation Service-Orientation: The Grid, The Cloud, and The Bus
  • Moving from Classic SOA to Next Generation SOA: A Study of Modern Architecture Refactoring
  • Exorcising the Evil SOA: A Necessary Step Towards Next Generation SOA
  • Next Generation SOA Practices and Patterns
  • The Next Generation of Business-Driven SOA: The Convergence of Performance-Driven Business and Service-Orientation
  • Next Generation SOA Security & Governance: New Threats, New Risks, New Opportunities
  • The Critical Role of Architects in an Enterprise SOA
  • The Convergence and Unification of SOA, EDA & BPM: Benefits and Challenges
  • SOA Maturity Models
  • Hacking Services
  • Event-Driven SOA
  • An In-Depth Look at Service-Oriented Modeling and Architecture (SOMA)
  • Service Modeling: Making Sure Your Services Deliver Value
  • Modeling REST Service Capabilities
  • Business Processes and Service Specifications
  • Achieving Process Excellence: Closing the Gap Between Process Analysis, Modelling and Process Orchestration
  • Service-Oriented Business Architecture and Business Model Innovation
  • Results-driven Approach to SOA Adoption: A Roadmap for IT Managers
  • Proving the Business Value of SOA Investments
  • Why Business People & Software Architects / Engineers Don't Understand Each Other and How Enterprise Architects Can Bridge the Gap
  • Value Creation Through Service-Orientation
  • SOA Rollout Strategies
  • The Service-Oriented Architecture Rationalization Framework
  • Mission impossible? Applying Agile to the World of SOA and ERP
  • The Future's In Scope, But Where Do We Start?
  • SOA & Agile Development: A Use Case
  • The Federal Service Bus: A Case Study About Governance
  • A Case Study: Combining Services, Events and Rules
  • The 2nd SOA Project at the Dutch Energy Sector: A Case Study About Learning from the Past
  • The Real Business Case of SOA
  • SOA Meets the Cloud
  • SOA and the Private Enterprise Cloud, a Match Made in Heaven?
  • Enabling Hybrid Enterprise Cloud SOA
  • BI, BPM, and BRM Guide SOA Through The Cloud
  • Securing Cloud-Based Services
  • Integration with the Cloud: Securely Integrating Enterprise Systems with Google Apps
  • Platform as a Service: Application Platform Metamorphosis
  • Calculating ROI for Cloud Computing Projects
  • Journey to the Center of the Cloud: Patterns for Claims-based Identity and Access
  • SOA Governance Touch Points
  • Understanding SOA Governance
  • The Most Important Mistakes You Can Make With SOA Governance
  • SOA Governance and Management Practices
  • Governing REST-Style SOA
  • Understanding SOA Security Patterns
  • How Smart Use Cases Drive Service-Oriented Projects
  • Real-Life Use Cases of SOA Design Patterns at the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
  • Service-Oriented Solution Evaluation Criteria
  • REST-Inspired SOA Design Patterns (and Anti-Patterns)
  • To ESB or Not to ESB: That is the Question
  • SOA by Mainframe
  • Navigating the Bermuda Triangle
  • Embedded SOA
  • Building the Modern ESB with the Microsoft ESB Toolkit: An Architectural Overview With a Focus on Dynamic Messaging
  • User Interfaces and SOA
  • Jumpstarting SOA Adoption Using Portals: The Vision-In Approach
  • An Insider's Look at BizTalk Server 2009: Integration Server, SOA Foundation, Gateway to Azure
  • The Service Repository, Modern Toy or Critical Governance Tool?
  • Building .NET Services for Collaboration and Composition
  • This is Not a REST Talk
  • Techniques for Composing REST Services
  • Hydras and Hypermedia
  • Introducing Transactions to REST
  • Hypermedia: The Confusing Bit from REST
  • Lessons Learned in the Real World: Priming Services into Production
  • Citizen-Centric Government: A Happy Marriage Between SOA and Semantics
  • U.S. Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense: An SOA Case Study
  • SOA at the U.S. Joint Forces Command
  • Event-Driven SOA in a Dredging Environment
  • SOA Design Patterns in the Cloud
  • Next Generation Services: The Implications of Software + Services (aka The End of One-Size-Fits-All IT)
  • SOA, Software + Services & Cloud Computing
  • Latency Threatens the SOA Cloud
  • Stratus, Cumulus or Nimbus: What Type of Cloud are You Building?
  • Building a Brokerage Marketplace to Sell services in the Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services: Cloud Computing for the Enterprise
  • Cloud Application Architecture: Rebuilding applications for the cloud
  • Data Analytics in the Cloud

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